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Women’s volleyball team achieves record feat

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Greatness is an overused term in sports. Its use to describe a team’s performance or specific play has become the go-to word for fans and writers. So how do we know when actual greatness happens?

Well, some would use greatness to describe what the Women’s volleyball team achieved last Thursday night. By defeating Luther, the squad earned their 31st win of the season, breaking a decade old school record.

Head coach Jennifer Walker is amazed at how her program has exceeded the incredible success of her teams from ten years ago.

“We’re the first team to get 30 wins during the regular season,” said Walker. “So that is pretty big in itself and to tie the record so long ago with some young ladies that are grown adults. It’s kind of neat to think about where we’re at compared to those teams.”

Walker sees the similarities between now and 2002’s squad with their balanced play. Although the game has gotten more complicated, Walker says the love for the game hasn’t changed.

“I think it’s a much more complex game now,” says Walker. “But the passion and the love for the game is still the same from ten years ago to now.”

Walker says that the team has done a good job about focusing on the task at hand and the thought of the record hasn’t popped up until recently.

“We’ve done a nice job all season of focusing on the next game and it wasn’t until we reached it this weekend and tied it that we even talked about it with our team,” says Walker.

Junior Maddie Forsyth and her teammates have barely thought about the achievement and just try to go out on the court and give it their all.

“We just hope for the best and work really hard and accomplish what we could,” says Forsyth.

Forsyth says that what makes this team different from her other years is the tight bond everybody shares.

“Closeness. It’s just a lot more on this team,” says Forsyth. “We have chemistry on and off the court and we play as a team.”

Coach Walker will remember this group of girls for their selflessness and are a joy to be around.

“They’re people that really care about each other and want success for the team over success for the individual,” says Walker. “They’re just fun to be with. It makes me excited to get into the gym every day work with them.”

The team will travel to St. Paul, Minn for the first round of the NCAA tournament. They will play Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. against Wisconsin Eau-Claire. All of the team’s games will be broadcast on KWAR and the Circuit.

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