Work not done for Student Senate

Primous, Voigt and the rest of the Student Senate Executive Team will work with the May Term Senate closely on different events and issues throughout the month. – Submitted Photo

May Term means a lot of different things to Wartburg students, but for student organizations, it is a time to begin planning for next year.

This is especially true for Wartburg’s student senate group.

For the last couple of weeks, the Senate executive team has been working to form a May Term Senate.

This is a smaller group that will focus on planning next year’s Outfly and addressing any student issues that may not have been covered by the previous group among other topics.

“The nice thing about May Term Senate is that we will have almost all of the executive team there and each executive member will be able to help with each particular issue,” Josh Voigt, next year’s student body president, said.

Alongside the executive team, the May Term Senate will also include eight students who were elected last week.

This year’s May Term Senate consists of Ashlee Henderson, Courtney Moser, Devin Eby, Lexi Retz, Madison Carroll, Kaylee Michael, Brittany Strause and Kimberley Strobel.

These students were chosen by the student body after a week of campaigning.

By being elected for the May Term Senate, these individuals are also offered a position on next year’s Full Senate.

There are many differences in responsibility between the two Senate groups.

Since the May Term Senate’s main focus is planning for next year, they spend the entirety of the month helping organizations that plan on applying as official organizations begin the process along with approving funding requests.

However, May Term Senate is not actually allowed to vote on anything as the Full Senate will make the final decision the following academic year.

The main difference between May Term Senate and Full Senate is that during May Term, the students on the team serve as the “committees” and represent the entire student body.

During the academic year, the full Senate is broken down into five different committees that represent different areas of Wartburg’s campus.

Therefore, the May Term Senate is responsible for handling all the situations that may come up during the month.

Despite these differences, the goal of the May Term Senate remains the same.

“Any issues that students may have will be addressed, including hall improvement, supplemental requests, or anything that has to do with improving the lives of the students on campus,” Breyanna Primous, next year’s student body vice president, said.

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